Life Drawing | Saturday | 13:00

Join artists Skye and David for a two and a half hour online life drawing session where you can both learn to draw and learn some life modelling tips.

Life Modelling and Art Class
You can have a go at drawing and being a model.
Guided by Skye and David; who are both artists, life models and tutors you will have a great time making art or posing. No experience is required as you will be guided on how to draw and how to model. It will be a relaxed fun session - nothing too serious and suitable for beginners.

Equipment Needed

  • A4 Paper and a biro are the basics.
  • Charcoal and A2 paper would be the ideal!

Bring some kitchen roll as well.
Amazon sell these, but if you support your local art shop, this would be better!

There is no need to go out and spend a fortune but a nice pencil and the bigger the paper the better.

Your hosts:
Skye Bompas - Facebook Instagram
David Armitage - Website




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