The Forum Live | Monday | 19:30

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The Forum Live

The Forum Live is British Naturism’s popular weekly ‘chat show’. Held on a Monday night at 19:30 UK time, (mostly) hosted by Andrew Welch and lasting an hour, we bring you a great variety of guests and topics to keep you informed and entertained - like all the best chat shows! You even get the chance to ask questions of your own. It’s free to attend for BN members and members of overseas Naturist federations, and the best bit, as with all our online events is that a) you don’t have to travel anywhere and b) you don’t have to get dressed!

Guests have included authors, journalists, Naturists from overseas federations, representatives of holiday resorts, artists, filmmakers and people from organisations like the National Trust and British Heart Foundation - in short, a variety of people who have an experience or a story to tell of interest to our members!

We also cover aspects of our own work and achievements, inviting members and groups to talk about campaigns, marketing projects, events, updates and news on progress and insights to the internal workings of our organisation.


Presented by Andrew Welch