Online Terms

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We take the safety and security of our members and guests very seriously and thought it would be useful to answer a few questions you may have regarding online sessions and security and how we manage your data. By taking part in any session you are agreeing to the terms set out below and the privacy policies of British Naturism and our partners.

Your data

We use BookWhen to manage our online bookings.

They hold the data we ask you for and process all the bookings of sessions including taking any payments securely via Stripe. If you have any questions regarding BookWhen they explain their privacy policy very clearly here.

Details of how British Naturism deal with your data can be found here. As part of the sign-up procedure you are able to opt into marketing around our events and online activities. We never spam or sell your data, just the occasional email telling you what we are up to.

As part of a booking we take your name and email address so we can identify you and send you the transactional emails regarding bookings. We also take a mobile phone number; this is for operational purposes only and will only be used if a session is rescheduled or cancelled. This is not for marketing.

The video platform

We use Zoom to host our video sessions.

It is the market leading platform for online meetings and webinars.

Because of our use of BookWhen no data is passed to Zoom. That said if you have a Zoom account or Zoom User ID their system will recognise you because of the data you have independently given Zoom. Zoom’s privacy and security policy can be found online here.

During sessions

Each session is monitored by the British Naturism safeguarding team to ensure all our terms are met by participants. Throughout the session the team monitor all cameras, making sure they are switched on and the participant is in view and is actively taking part in the session. The safeguarding team are also there to help with technical issues too. If a camera cannot be connected, a person is not taking an active role in the session or acts inappropriately their session will be terminated. Sessions are not recorded.

There is no requirement to use your real name during a session. If you are not logged into a Zoom account, you will be asked the name you wish to display. If you are a Zoom account holder you can change your name by clicking on your name and changing it.

Every visible precaution is taken for your safety and comfort online, however, British Naturism makes no guarantees that a participant’s anonymity can be ensured.