25 May 2024 | Horningsea, Stow-Cum_Quy Walk

25 May 2024 | Horningsea, Stow-Cum_Quy Walk

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Join us for this six mile walk between the villages of Horningsea, Stow-Cum-Quy and Lode. The walk is on flat terrain and crosses Quy Fen which is the only bit of woodland. The remainder of the walk is across open countryside and along a river bank.

Although this is an easy walk you need to be aware that the Quy Fen has a notice which states "No Nudity" which of course has no legal standing and it seems is a "sledge hammer" attempt to prohibit other illegal activities that have taken place there in the past. There is a slight risk that we might meet with some resistance in that area but the police will have been made aware of our intended walk well in advance. There were no issues last year and was one of the few walks that was completed without cover-up.

The event is being organised by British Naturism Eastern Region in association with the Milton Keynes Naturist Meet and Greet Group.  It is open to all members of British Naturism and other naturist (walking) groups; anyone new to naturism or to naturist walking is welcome too.  When booking, please state whether you are a member of BN or other naturist groups.

For further information please contact Andrew and Amanda Roch, Walks Coordinator, via email: easternwalks@bn.org.uk giving your name, mobile phone number and membership status.  Details of the meeting point and other information will be provided when your booking is confirmed.

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